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Second Iteration - Battery Operated Device

Second Iteration - Battery Operated Device
After a neat success with the DOS based app, I tried to migrate it to smaller (battery powered) hardware. This proved to be a tougher challenge.

I did sort of get code working on a 8051 chip and also bought a small x86 biscuit computer. However, building my own I2C drivers and writing code in assembler to match baud rates was extremely tough. (in DOS it was easier...I was still writing my own RS-232 driver...but at least I didn't have to worry about sensing the voltage at the right time and whether my for loop would take 15 milliseconds or 17. Those old programmers really had a complicated environment with a different set of challenges.) Never mind the fact that this time around I was playing with a soldering iron and trying to get voltages right.

Anyway, here is a picture of the GPS on my right. I never could get it to reliably pick up the data so it turned into part of a Halloween costume. At least it was pretty and had flashing lights.