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Early Video Projects

Video - “Television”
In my opinion there are several drugs to be included in the war on drugs. We are a society addicted to television and the media in general. We are told which chemicals and groups to blame for our problems, and we go on happy to have a scape goat. In truth we don’t have the nerve to examine our selves or our own society without the mind numbing intensity of sound bites and a laugh track. Late night television is even worse with its compromised morals. A smaller audience lowers its value to advertisers so the comercials become cheaper and the programs are lower in quality and content. I braved three nights of psychics, bathing beauties with 900 numbers, late night talk shows, and the comericals in between. I then used MTV like edits timed with fast music to stop the audience’s minds from thinking.
Video - “1994”
I had two goals in creating this video. I really wanted to create an extreme mountain biking video (like the film I had worked on)… and I wanted to make a statement about society. Unfortunately all I had was a single video camera four bikers, a muddy trail and a college campus of stairs. I used multiple takes to simulate different camera angles, and laughed at corporate America’s game in the mud called Woodstock. Here we were playing in the mud for free and it didn’t cost 200$. This was before mountain biking became mainstream. Then we shot bike scenes on campus. The soundtrack was a mix of Santana, Nine inch nails, and wind chimes built out of all of the broken bike parts from the video. The entire window from concept to presentation was two weeks.
Video - “The Blues Project”
This was the final output from a semester long course called music thesis. I spent months studying the history of blues. I learned to play bass and fo