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First Albany Demo

First Albany is a large local bank that was evaluating LearnLinc as a potential solution to their training problems. I worked with a talented woman to create this demo of what we could do with a piece of their content.

This entire project was written in Toolbook with graphics created in Photoshop. Notice the the tabs on the left. They follow a page metaphore where each section comes to the top when it is being viewed.

This project also made use of video as in the final section which highlighted a comercial that First Albany recently created for television.

This is another corporate demo that was created to demo LearnLinc. This combines stock information, a tabbed interface and video into a template that is easy to modify. The goal was to demonstrate how the First Albany programmers could create a new presentation to give to the entire staff every morning. The task was to make it extremely graphical, and also make it easy to create a new presentation with only two hours of work.