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Kauffman Foundation Demo

The Kauffman Foundation is a group that teaches children about business. ILINC was given a grant to create a demo of what our software package LearnLinc could do to teach their content. I spent three days creating a multimedia presentation based on a story provided by the foundation.

The entire presentation was created in Toolbook with special hooks to communicate with LearnLinc. Highlights include video clips to tell the story, buttons that highlight with a cool 3d effect, and graphics created in photoshop.

The story follows a dialog between Mr. Entreprenuer, a newspaper columnist and Donna Entreprep a student interested in starting her own business. The story is told through the newspaper articles which play the video clips.


The Kauffman Foundation contracted for a short demo of the type of content that can be taught inside LearnLinc. In three days I created a multimedia story based on content that teaches young people business. The story follows Mr. Entrepreneur and Donna Entreprep in a dialog of letters to Mr. Entrepreneur’s newspaper column. It combines video and graphics in Toolbook. I used Toolbook, Photoshop, and Premier for this demo.