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The Hedonist

"Ancient Greek philosphers taught that the meaning of life was found in the gratification of desires. That the chief goal in life is the overindulgence in personal pleasures. The Hedonist is a ski and snowboarding epic based on the hedonistic urges of hardcore skiers."

The Hedonist was the long-awaited sequel to Soul Sessions and Epic Impressions. It upholds the name with cool tunes and intense skiing. In this project I created a 45 second opening sequence that highlighted the various sponsers: Pete's Wicked Ale, K2, Raichle, Power Magazine, and Leki.

In the animation, the camera travels through a native village complete with huts, skiis and beer:

This will always be one of my favorite projects. I was in my second year of college, and this movie followed the success of Soul Sessions and Epic Impressions.

My project was to create an opening sequence the highlights some very diverse product sponsers. I set the animation in a jungle characteristic of the movie’s mascot. A jungle home with shrunken heads (wearing Mombo Socks) beer, and various ski industry sponsers (Raichle, K2, Leiki, Powder Magazine, etc…) It was a 25 second clip and arrived on time to be included with little post production editing.