John Waiveris - (860) 285-0172
Skill: Hardware
DescriptionMicrocontrollers, Assembler, Basic Electronics
CommentsI enjoy programming on the hardware level. In college I really enjoyed an assembler class in which I got limited experience with x86, RS2000, and Sparc programming. I went overboard on the final project and it landed me a paid research position for one summer porting a C application from one parallel machine to another (MASPAR 256 to IBM SP1).

More recently I worked on two iterations of a GPS project. The first version was targetted at a PC104 board running an x86 chip and DOS. I wrote everything in C to an extremely low level (all graphics routines, serial drivers, BMP parsers, etc.)

The second iteration of the GPS project is targetted at an 8051 chip using code written in C and Assembler. This was written at roughly the same level, however the 8051 architecture is quite different.